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I started breaking in 2001, before YouTube was a thing. At that time, the VHS tape was my only way to access different breaking cultures and styles outside of the Pacific Northwest. This VHS era (80s through early 2000s) is not only important for those that came up watching them but for the new generation to study and build off. These videos should be seen by all of us. That’s why I started this archive dedicated to the preservation of breaking culture through collecting and sharing VHS tapes in a quality format.

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Greg Fisk—B-boy GregNice—Moon Patrol Crew (Portland, OR) & Deadly Venoms Crew (Baltimore, MD)—@nicegreg

Shawn Stevens—B-boy Shogun—Deadly Venoms Crew (Baltimore, MD)—@bboyshogundvc

This archive is owned, operated, and paid for by Greg Fisk. In order to maintain hosting and time spent uploading videos, donations are kindly appreciated.

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